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Snow Sunday Starts November 11, 2012

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The sound of the shower signals the start of the day proper; an end to this quiet morning time by myself, my time of contemplation and wonderings, newspapers and Sunday morning communication from the British Isles and my scattered siblings.

I watched as darkness moved slowly into light, breaking through fog, to a blue sky and pale sun. The thick snow is now a bright white and the grey trees are glistening white in the sunshine. My iPhone tells me it is now -30, an increase of 1 since 7am. It predicts that is should now be -14. Somehow, to me, the variations in sub-zero are not at all obvious. I wonder where Apple gets its

The front yard is cut through with tyre tracks. The back yard is untouched. The summer deck chairs, one pink, one green sit covered in snow, sheltered by the white branches of the Caraganas. The green lies on its side, strewn over by a storm a few weeks ago and never lifted. The coffee table sits alongside them, a tablecloth of snow where once I sat my strawberry daiquiri and watched the men play horseshoe. Perhaps we should have taken them inside. I had forgotten they were there.

The snow blankets my world, and somehow silences it. Snow gives time to breathe, to stop and listen to the silence. It cotton-wools my life; stress and tensions and plans don’t seem as important, as big, as imposing.

Footsteps come plodding towards my window seat, the coffee pot is lifted, the fridge opens. The day begins.


Tuesday morning October 25, 2011

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My alarm goes at 5.30am. I get out of bed without thinking about it. Otherwise, I just wouldn’t. I turn on the computer and brush my teeth. I write in my pyjamas, one eye being creative, one eye on the time. At 6, I put on my gym gear, then my sweatpants and jumper, then my coat, hat and gloves. I double-check what I have packed from last night: my work clothes, yoga gear, book and lunch. I remember to put in my shoes. Water and a towel.

I leave the sleeping house, lock the front door. It’s dark but not completely quiet; there are others up and about too. It’s cold. I walk fast. At 6.40 I’m at the gym, and by 6.45 I’m on my stationary bike. For 75 minutes, I ignore the time and follow the instructor. At 8am exactly, I’m off my mat. Shower, dress and I put back on my trainers. They don’t match my black tights but they help me walk faster. I am back outside by 8.10. I run down the trail with my backpack. Coming onto the road, I start walking. Fast. I cut through the streets. A Japanese couple ask me if I am going to school. I laugh, and say no, not in many years. The lights are in my favour and I cross the road straight away. I arrive at 8.20. I am at work before my boss. I change my shoes and wait.

My Tuesday mornings.


The Silence of the Morning October 18, 2011

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For as long as I remember, I have been a morning person.

I love early mornings. I love the quiet. I love that there is little to be doing, so I get on with what I want to do. It could be reading, writing, running, or having a slow breakfast with the Sunday papers. I remember
as a child going to 7.30 am mass with my parents. As we drove along the golf course, out past the Pier and down through the forest, only the sun met us. The course waited for the throngs to arrive for the usual Sunday, the water was still without a boat on the horizon and the sleeping houses still had not put up their first smoke. A bird flew overhead and, mixed with the just awake feeling, I felt as if I were in another world, another time, of silence, peace and beauty.

My teacher taught us the saying “A good start is half the work” and that is how I feel about mornings. A morning asleep is a wasted day. There seems to be more time in the morning, as if with fewer people using this early hour, it slows down for those of us who show up to it.  Going for a run outside in the early morning, there is a magical feeling. The day is just beginning, with the potential to be anything at all. Who knows what is in store. It feels sometimes like it is just me and the sun, and that is a good feeling to start the day with.

When I was busy at work, it was the mornings I used, more than late evenings. I’d arrive at work a few hours early, put on the coffee and begin without the interruption of the phone ringing or e-mails arriving. It felt like 2 hours extra in the morning gave me a half day head-start. When I stay at my parents, I slip out while they are asleep for a run along the beach or in the forest and aim to be back before my mum awakes. My Dad is like me, a lark. It is one of the few times it would
just be he and I, passing in the kitchen, him to his cows, me to my run. On family occasions, I would sit and wait, enjoying the silence and the view, and know that before long, the throng would be awake and the day would be off again, racing along.

Since arriving in Canada, my time clock has adjusted accordingly, and I often see 6am. I was probably the earliest hosteller ever to go to bed, but I refuse to let go off my mornings. Waking Up Early In Canada gives me a head-start to my day, and allows me to see the morning beauty of
this vast country. There is something very special about running into the sun as it climbs over the Rocky Mountains. You have to wait a little longer to see it here, and survive the extra morning cold, even in days that turn out to be scorchers. But it rises and shines down, and once again I am ready to take on the day ahead.

Good morning.