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Thanksgiving October 10, 2011

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I am waking up this morning, stuffed from turkey, sweet potato stuffing (or is it yam stuffing here?) and pumpkin pie. I never tasted pumpkin pie before. I now want to eat a whole pie by myself. It was delicious. It was smooth and sweet and spicy and filling. I have found a recipe that I will bring back to Ireland. It beat Beavertail and Poutine hands down.

In honour of this day, I am going to list all that I am thankful for today:

  • Pumpkin pie. Well done.
  • The kindness of my mostly Australian house-mates who put together the feast.
  • Briony and Allyson, fellow working-late colleagues who joined me at midnight around the dinner table
  • My health. Mind, body and spirit.
  • Today off. I. Am. Tired.
  • My good friend, Mrs. King, who e-mailed me yesterday several times and moved me from feeling blah to feeling Blessed.
  • The trees outside that are now pale yellows and golds: Canadian Fall at its best.
  • The Rocky Mountains.
  • The encouragement and inspiration from those who helped get me here.
  • Peanut butter.
  • Ciarán for telling me to run and to write.
  • Coffee Pots. Even when I didn’t have a kitchen sink, the Canadians still gave me a coffee pot.
  • My family who always keep in touch.
  • The internet and its devices that help us keep that touch.
  • Annie, my second cousin in Toronto, who keeps checking in on me.
  • Belief.
  • Siobhan, for singing with passion.
  • Biro Holding and Michelle for the big bed and the desk in this bedroom. It really is the little things.
  • My mother, for teaching me to value, care and treasure my dolls. I am only understanding the lesson now.
  • Airplanes.
  • Books.

What are you thankful for today?