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One of those days November 26, 2011

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I am waking up groggy and tired. I’d like to go back to sleep but I have too much to do before work. I have already put the gym idea in the bin. I have to post, to write another few thousand words to keep in with a chance of winning the NaNoWriMo Challenge, do some laundry, grocery shop, and look for Christmas gifts. I have 2 hours. I know this list needs to further edited. I don’t have a time machine of any sort to slow down time nor do I have the energy to work faster than where I am at.

I genuinely would love a duvet day. Despite the massive word count remaining, I can see the end of Nanowrimo ahead and a guilt free day of nothing looms ahead. It’s Saturday morning and I dream of my old 9 to 5 job, 5 days a week, where I could happily flop down on my pillow for another hour. Oddly, when I have the time to sleep in, I rarely do. It’s like my body fights the idea of getting up but when it is allowed to stay in bed, it finds something better to do. I must remind myself that I chose this challenge, this place, this lifestyle out of love not necessity, that the mornings I wake up wanting to dive back under the covers are less in my new world and that, you know, it’s breakfast time and I do love breakfast time.

I edit my list in my head further. The laundry is not necessary right now and the groceries can wait until after work. Christmas shopping I can spend time thinking about before hitting the shops, and so I am left with eating and writing, and really, what a lovely way to spend a morning. My body is not truly convinced, but I will fake it ’til I make it. So I am about to place one foot on the floor, followed by the other, get up and get on with it. It’s always easier when you are out of, isn’t it?

How are you spending your Saturday morning?