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SKI-DAY! November 23, 2011

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Our house is quiet and it is still dark outside. I am the only one awake, the sounds the clicking of the keys on my keyboard, the fridge and the heating. I have to wait 30 minutes before I can run in and wake the Housemate. It is white outside. I remembered as soon as I woke this morning. I remembered when I woke in the middle of the night. Our skis are standing in the hall. My clothes are lying across my chair, in the order in which I will put them on, including my ski-socks. Our lunch is packed and waiting. Today for the first time, not just this season, but in my whole entire life, I am going skiing!

Handstands and headstands ensued after the Housemate told me last Wednesday. I bounced on her bed. My first time ever skiing, something I have wanted to do since forever. I am ready. The beautiful Australian Anna has donated to me a massively cosy snow jacket and goggles. I bought my slightly tight second hand ski pants  and my brand new Icebreaker 260 base layer which probably means nothing to most people but I am told it is amazing. A pair of warm running leggings and zip up hoodie, and we are still debating another t-shirt or not, and I am set!

I have checked the website. There has been 21 cm of snow overnight. I believe this is a lot and am therefore very happy about it. Last night the housemate was happy to hear about the expected 10cm. She knows about these things. I know nothing, and am happy in my ignorance. I feel a little like a kid at Christmas.

I’ve tried on my rentals, which happen to be brand new boots. Wow, they are tight. I’m told they are meant to be. I have to stand with slightly bent knees in them. I’m told I would fall over if I stood up straight while skiing. I think my legs will be aching tomorrow.

In my head, I see me falling over a lot. This is fine with me. I like falling onto the snow. I’ve fallen in snow before. It was usually a lot less snow than 21cm. I bet it won’t hurt as much. I wonder how cold it will be, because I seem to be wearing a lot of clothes. When I get into it, won’t I be boiling inside? My legs still hurt from my gym session on Monday but I am hoping after the first run they will snap into action for me. I can’t wait to talk to my sister after. She loves skiing. She has told me a lot about it. By tonight, I will know a whole lot more about skiing and I’ll be able to tell people.

I’m going to have poached eggs for breakfast. A hearty breakfast to keep me going. It’s 7.40am and dawn is breaking outside. In 5 minutes I can wake the Housemate. That’s when it all starts. Maybe I should put on my base layer while I wait.