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Breathe February 9, 2013

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Sometimes it is enough, just to breathe.

Sometimes, the day is long and your head is full and your mind is racing, and it is just enough to take a few deep breaths.

Sometimes, the world seems too big, and you too small, and so you just breathe to keep going.

Sometimes, the world seems so big and you so small, and you breathe, just to take it all in.

When those around us need more than we think we have, we breathe to relax, to remember love, to re-energise.

When we fall short of our own expectations, in the midst of our own disappointment at ourselves, we breathe, and realise, we can.

In the midst of chaos and collapse, we breathe to survive.

In the pause of the waiting moment, we breathe to use the time.

In the moment of utter happiness, we breathe to drink it all in.

When alone and lonely, we breathe to remind ourselves, we are.

In the midst of being lost, I breathe and remember I am here.


Sometimes it is enough just to breathe. Sometimes, it is our everything.




I got nothing… December 29, 2011

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I sit here tonight with nothing, no etch of creativity, no angle. I am between Christmas and New Year’s, my traditional time for hibernating, and really, barr the essentials that is all that I am doing. I read. And read and read. And eat. A lot.

One of the things I need to decide is, when 2011 ends and this Post A Day Challenge with it, what happens to this blog. Now, I know it isn’t good to talk about process, but this blog is my meandering musings about taking time away from my normal life, and this blog is part of the time away.

So, I sit here, 2 more days to go until the bells, and wonder, what becomes of Waking Up In Canada? I know it will continue. This page allows me to write, no, more, it encourages, motivates, inspires, challenges, freaks me into writing. I am grateful for it. I want to become a better writer though and, just like the Novel Writing Month, writing every day is more about seeing it through, about consistency, about routine. I now want to see how I can look at quality, and I think that may mean posting less, although writing more. I want time to draft and redraft, tweak and delete.

I am not sure. Again, I find more questions that I have answers for right now.


Wasting time October 16, 2011

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I am working in 2 hours. It takes me twenty minutes to cook my lunch, and 5 to eat it. It takes me 10 minutes to get dressed. It takes 10 minutes to walk there, at a brisk pace. That gives me 1 hour 15 mins. What can I enjoy in 75 minutes? Sit and read my book? It’s a Canadian Book and I am really enjoying it: Lori Lansens’ Rush Home Road. I could watch Anne of Green Gables on DVD. I remember watching it as a child and was astonished when the librarian informed me it was set in Canada- I’d assumed it was American. Perhaps I should do a little writing. I know I am busy tomorrow. Doing a little today would free up some time tomorrow. The Post A Day Challenge certainly puts the pressure on to dedicate time every day to writing.

I sit here pondering. What to do? As I sit and think, minutes tick past. Should I go for a nap? I find the late shift tiring. I have the sleep habits of a 7 year old. I’m cold so I rise and make a cup of tea. As I write, I remember once in a while to drink it, so I stop and sip. Mmmm, nice. I have developed a strange love for green tea. As I stop, I see the time. 65 minutes.

I really don’t want to squander this precious time before work. If I do not do something, I will go to bed tonight feeling like I did nothing. Wasting time is the greatest waste of all.

I remember a quote I saw somewhere:
“How you spend your days is how you spend your life”

(Annie Dillard)

I liked it.

It makes sense. I’m all for the day to day happiness. I prefer to savour a cupcake every day, than save for an exotic holiday. This is why my 65 minutes is very important to me. I look again. 60 minutes. I realise that thinking about how best to spend my time is stopping me from just spending my time. I smile at myself. I turn off the computer and my internal counter and pick up my book.

An hour reading is never a wasted hour.